WholeFIT Certification

Who should get certified?

We offer three levels of certification. The following types of professionals seek out certification:

  • Physicians
  • Mid-level Practitioners (e.g., Nurse Practitioners)
  • Nutritionists/Dietitians
  • Counselors/Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Life Coaches/Health Coaches
  • Energy Healers
  • Wellness Specialists
  • Health Administrators
  • Healthcare Team Leaders
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Clergy/Religious Leaders

Level I: WholeFIT Foundation Course


Provide participants with a basic understanding of integrated care, wholistic assessment, and effective interventions. This is a foundational course.


Online or face-to-face course (4 – 6 hours) with successful completion of final exam. Read, “WholeFIT: Wellness for Life.”

Who should take Level I training?

Level I prepares you for Level II training; it is also recommended for those that work with providers using WholeFIT like administrators, managers, supervisors and owners. It is also required for those that want Level II training.

Cost: $300

Level II: WholeFIT Coaching Certification


Provides participants with an applied understanding of WholeFIT leading to a deeper application of assessment and intervention techniques using an integrated, collaborative approach. Those with Level II Certification can call themselves a “WholeFIT certified Coach”.


Level I course completion; 5 months of monthly web-based group meetings (1.5 hours/meeting) if you are already a licensed coach, counselor, counseling intern, or equivalent; 9 months of monthly mentoring meetings (1.5 hours/meeting) if you are not previously certified or licensed; capstone project; possible self-study work if needed.

Who should take Level II training?

Level II training is where the “rubber hits the road.” This is where we learn and practice methods, frameworks and interventions to help our clients and patients. This is very experiential with case studies and active learning. This course if for anyone that wants to improve their helping skills as a coach, counselor, provider or executive.

Cost: $200/month

Level III: WholeFIT Trainer Certification


Provides participants with the opportunity to train others in WholeFIT. Those that complete Level III can call themselves a “WholeFIT Certified Trainer.”


Mentor at least 6 people in Level I & Level II training.

Who should take Level III training?

This is for anyone that wants to train others in Level II training through a supervisory and mentoring process.

Cost: None; receive 50% of certification fees.

For more information on certification, please contact us. Thanks!